California Gas Prices To Continue Rising In Order To 'Fight Climate Change'

Last year, California raised gasoline taxes in the state by 12 cents a gallon. Last week, the California air-pollution agency voted to raise gas prices by 36 cents a gallon by 2030. On average, drivers in California already pay about 85 cents more than the national average for gas.

The California Air Resources Board says this is all in effort to fight climate change. But the Western States Petroleum Association, an organization that has been fighting the board on these regulations for years, says the increases will only make things worse.

“The cost of this program, given these increases, is definitely impactful on consumers,” said Catherine Reheis-Boyd, president of the Western States Petroleum Association. “It really is a hidden gas tax that takes more out of the pockets of consumers.”

However, members of the air resources board claim that this new vote will strengthen the state's "low carbon fuel standard."

Board Chairwoman Mary Nichols wrote that last week’s decision “will take California’s climate fight up another notch,” in her statement.

Read the full report on The Sacramento Bee.

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