SoCal High Schoolers in Trouble For Racist Message at Senior Picnic

Not exactly sure what was going through the minds of these seniors at Escondido High School in California, but they're now facing a ton of trouble. 

At least 10 students took part in a class photo shoot last week where racist and homophobic messages were spelled out on their shirts. 

The event, which allows students to wear shirts spelling out pre-approved words, was sanctioned by the school.

But, some of the students rearranged themselves to form the offensive statements then posted the photos to Snapchat and Instagram. 

School and district officials, alumni, and other classmates have all condemned the stunt, and the school says they will be taking disciplinary action. 

People all over social media are angry as well, some calling for college acceptances to be rescinded and for the involved students to have their personal info shared online via doxxing.

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