The Simpsons Turns 30!

Believe it or not, this Sunday America's most prominent, yellow-fleshed family turns 30 years old.

That's right.  It was 3 decades ago that the Simpsons made their TV debut on the Tracey Ullman sketch comedy show.  

For those who never saw that now-historic clip, here's a look-see thanks to the YouTube gods:

While the show has struggled to stay at the top of the animated series food chain due to such shows as South Park, Family Guy and Rick and Morty.  

But even today's most popular cartoons have been known to pay homage to their yellow predecessors.  

With rumors abound of South Park getting canceled at the end of their upcoming 22nd season, and the always questionable status of Rick and Morty's mysterious Season 4, the Simpsons shows no signs of slowing down.

Read more over at the Hollywood Reporter.

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