Kavanaugh's Memory and Heavy Drinking

Every college in america and most in the world have a strong drinking culture, it's unavoidable and true.

The issue with drinking in college is making the rounds in reports insinuating that since Supreme Court Justice nominee Brett Kavanaugh can't remember the assaults he is being accused of, investigators should look into his history with alcohol. 

National Review author Kyle Smith writes about his time in college at Yale University in the early 1980s, the same time Kavanaugh attended the school. He states that the idea that Kavanaugh needs to be investigated for his heavy drinking in college is ludicrous because almost everyone drank too much in college, back then and now. 

According to Smith, Yale Administrators were well aware of the drinking and party atmosphere and tried to enforce a safe drinking policy for the college students, some underage, who were no doubt going to drink anyway. 

"To say that Brett Kavanaugh sometimes got drunk on campus would be to say that Brett Kavanaugh was like most Yale students in the 1980s," Smith said.

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