Cosby Served Vanilla Pudding For 1st Prison Dessert

Was it cruel fate, or bitter irony?  Maybe it was neither, and just a prison chef with a sense of humor....

You know, there's a good chance Bill Cosby feels like everybody hates him right now.  There's also a good chance that the freshly incarcerated fallen star can now officially add God to that list.

Representatives of the Montgomery County Jail (where Cosby is serving his 3-10 year sentence for sexual assault) have dished out the goods and revealed to the world just what the Con Cos' will be eating for his inaugural prison meal.

I suppose it could be worse, take a look at the 5-course meal:

Cosby's "First Night Special"

  1. Chicken patty with gravy
  2. Mashed potatoes
  3. Mixed vegetables 
  4. Iced tea juice packet 

But it's item #5 which really takes the cake.  And why Cosby must know that he is the most hated man on the planet:

      5. Vanilla pudding

It's simply too good to be true. 

The ultimate slap in the face.  The middlest of all middle fingers.  

30 years ago the stuff had a whole different meaning to Bill.

Hm.  Just doesn't seem to carry the same amount of weight that it did in the 1980s.

Read more over at The Blast.

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