Ax-Throwing Bar Loses Liquor License (For A Day)

A Michigan bar has had its liquor license temporarily revoked after state liquor officials didn't fully approve of the pub's feature attraction: ax-throwing.

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Welcome to Hub Stadium in Auburn Hills, Michigan.  It's a nice joint, with an ample selection of domestics, imports, and oh yeah - it also features special ax-throwing lanes and targets for patrons to use.

What?  Boozin' and ax-throwing??  I think we can file this one under "GREAT IDEAS!"

I jest, of course.  In all honesty, once you've seen the HUB Stadium's ax-throwing lanes - it's actually pretty impressive.  If done safely, the practice could even be deemed....awesome?

Unfortunately for the HUB, the Liquor Commission says the bar was too 'lax' with the rules.

Reported offenses include customers drinking booze in the ax-throwing area, not having a limit on how many axes one could throw at a time, and shoddy enforcement of the venue's "rules."

Inspectors even saw customers jumping out of the way of flying axes - I mean, do these guys know how to party or what!!

The bar's liquor license was suspended for a day so they could make "numerous" structural changes.  Yep.  You read that correctly.  Suspended for a day.

Don't worry, we also found it strange that apparently it only takes around 24 hours to un-deadly a deadly ax-throwing bar.

But what's that?  You say you've never even HEARD of such an ax-throwing bar?  Oh, baboo!  You are SO stuck in 2017.

Here's a look at the hot new trend which is taking America by storm...DRUNK AX' THROWIN'!

Read more over at the Detroit Free Press.

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