We Have #GaSFantasy4Play : Week 3 Winners!

Week 3 of #GaSFantasy4Play is all wrapped up, and we have the results.

This week, the games were...

#OAKvsMIA   Oakland Raiders at Miami Dolphins

#NOvsATL   New Orleans Saints at Atlanta Falcons

#CINvsCAR    Cincinnati Bengals at Carolina Panthers

#LACvsLAR   Los Angeles Chargers at Los Angeles Rams

And the winners were the...

Miami Dolphins, New Orleans Saints, Carolina Panthers, Los Angeles Rams

As for listeners that played along, no one picked all 4 games correctly on Twitter!

So, as promised, nobody will be followed by @GaryandShannon on Twitter and nobody will be getting a prize!

When it comes to the GaS crew, Gary got 3 right, Shannon('s dad) picked 2 correctly, Blake chose 1 right, and Nick didn't get any of them right.

So, after Week 2, the GaS standings are...

Gary                       8-3   (--)

Shannon('s dad)    5-6   (3 GB)

Blake                      4-7   (4 GB)

Nick                       1-10   (7 GB)

If you missed out this week, don't worry!  You can start playing at any time!  Just keep an eye out on Friday for the next #GaSFantasy4Play games!

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