Nine News Nuggets You Need To Know

Honorable Mention - Beyonce's former drummer accuses singer of witchcraft

9 - Man who posed as a housewife pleads guilty to making secret sex tapes with 150 men

8 - New York Woman arrested for assaulting security guard with pigeon-packed fanny pack

7 - Man walks into police station with wife's head after she cheated on him

6 - Sexy 'Handmaid's Tale' Halloween costume pulled after sparking online outrage

5 - Five squirrels separated after tails got entangled in Gordian Knot

4 - Spiders cover shores of Greek town with 1,000-foot web

3 - Pole dancing act welcomes children and parents back to school in China

2 - GOP congressman jokes about Ruth Bader Ginsburg being groped by Abraham Lincoln

1 - Woman on vacation reportedly finds dead tortoise in her vagina

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