Kelly Carlin: "Waking from the American Dream" podcast

Kelly is the talented daughter of the late comedian George Carlin. This past June, marking 10 years since his death, a brand new career retrospective DVD was released called the George Carlin Commemorative Collection. It features all 14 of his HBO Specials, as well as hours of bonus material (including his very first stand-up special from 1973)!

“While digging around in dad’s stuff, we found a few gems that we just couldn’t keep for ourselves," Kelly Carlin said. "It’s amazing to think that ten years after his death, we keep finding stuff I’d never seen before!”

So make sure you're listening to KFI TONIGHT at 8 to catch Timmy's chat with Kelly Carlin!

"Kelly Carlin is a thinker, writer, talker and doodler. She’s funny, serious, silly and deep. Sometimes she wishes she were Carol Burnett, other days it’s Patti Smith, but mostly it’s Oprah Winfrey. It’s complicated." 

Buy the DVD Box Set on Amazon, and check out Kelly's Patreon page here!

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