Google Street View Cars Get New Air-Quality Sensor

Google’s Street View cars have long helped us virtually stalk the houses and businesses we want to see and helped provide accurate map readings, but now the cars are getting a new and fancy function. 

San Francisco company Aclima is set to provide the global cruisers with pollution-recording devices that will monitor fluctuating levels of air quality in Europe and the United States. According to their website, Aclima "takes the pulse of the planet to translate air pollution and climate change emissions into insights we can use." They ultimately build air-quality sensors that connect to the internet, which researchers then have access to and can report to state boards and regulators. 

A Washington Times opinion piece published Tuesday highlighted the obvious troubles that could come along with the new addition.

As author Cheryl K. Chumley puts it;

"Drivers, prepare for the environmental regulations."

"Businesses, make way for the costly controls."

"Builders, get prepped to pay big for those permits."

"Homeowners, stand ready to pinch some more pennies for fuel and electric prices."

The data collected from the Street View vehicles is almost certain to help facilitate new controls on gaseous emissions. 

Read the full piece here

Photo: Getty Images

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