Climate Change Leaders Drool over Gov. Brown

A Los Angeles Times article recounting this past weeks Global Climate Summit featuring Gov. Jerry Brown, Al Gore and more celebrities, highlighted climate change leaders' obsession with Brown and his policies. 

Climate change professor Nicholas Stern gushed over the governor saying, “He’s very good at drawing people together...people want to talk to him because he’s so interesting to talk to.”

Brown was the most popular figure at the three-day event, where his private meetings held the most interest among guests. 

A list provided by Brown’s office shows 22 invitation-only meetings, including conversations with government officials from four states and 17 foreign countries.

The governor talked about land use and forest management with groups representing provinces around the world, saying, his world view is really the one that counts.

“I understand that people in California always want better,” Connecticut Gov. Dannel Molloy said after an event with Brown on Thursday. “But there’s nobody who compares.”

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Photo: Getty Images

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