Scientists Receiving Radio Signals from Another Galaxy

We had Dr. Vishal from SETI on the show tonight to discuss the incoming radio signals from outside our galaxy.  Listen in the KFI player below!

The scientists at the world-renowned Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence (aka SETI) have found something a little peculiar.

Actually, about 72 things a little peculiar.  Since 2007, SETI has detected over 72 radio signals from...somewhere.  All that can be said for sure is that the signals originate from a galaxy 3 billion light-years away.

These signals are officially known as "fast radio bursts" or "FRBs" (as the cool kids call 'em).  And while they are indeed extra-terrestrial (ie, not from Earth), and while they are technically "alien" (ie not from Earth), they can not be said to have originated with alien life.

SETI admits that the nature of the object emitting the FRBs is unknown.

"There are many theories, including that they could be the signatures of technology developed by extraterrestrial intelligent life." 


One of the seemingly outrageous yet front-running theories is the "light sail" theory.  

What's that, you ask?  Take a gander:

A study team from Harvard has theorized that the FRBs could be detections of energy leaks from enormous transmitters which, theoretically, send out interstellar light sail ships for travelers.

Outlandish?  A bit.


You better believe it, baby.

Read more over at Sky News.

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