Mayor Garcetti Discusses a Better Dating Life at Climate Summit

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LOS ANGELES - While pushing for greater investments in public transportation and electric vehicles, Mayor Eric Garcetti listed an unusual perk -- a better dating life. 

Garcetti told the crowd at the Global Action Climate Summit that L.A. is trying to lose its crown as the most traffic-congested city in America. 

"This is about people, about tucking your child into bed, about the radius that you draw on your own city map and for your dating pool," Garcetti said. 

He quoted English poet Robert Browning that "a man's reach should exceed his grasp."

To wit, he vowed the city will have all-electric buses in time for the Olympics in 2028. He also promised to get to 25,000 electric vehicle charging stations. (The city currently has about 2,500.)

"If you build it, we will ride," he told attendees. 

Former Vice President and climate activist Al Gore spoke before Garcetti. 

The mayor, whose own ambitions for the White House are a regular subject of speculation, borrowed from religion in praise of Gore.

"I just heard with Al Gore a man who is both our pastor and our prophet," he beamed. 

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