Meet Tonks the baby aye-aye!

Meet the latest member of the Denver Zoo's animal family, it's Tonks the baby aye-aye! The aye-aye is native to Madagascar, where the appearance of one is an evil omen.

Tonks might look a little wonky, but we think she's more of a cute omen...if that's a thing. This animal is pretty rare, as only 24 of these lemurs live in seven zoos across the United States.

We don't really know how they live in the wild since they're nocturnal and spend most of their lives in trees. They're very hard to spot!

After you're done staring into Tonks' beady yellow eyes, get a look at her long fingers. Those bony-looking things are used to tap trees to find food. They tap and listen to what's going on inside the wood, kind of like woodpecker.

If you're in the Denver area you can get a glimpse of Tonks at the zoo's aye-aye exhibit, but she probably won't be seen in the next few months as she gets bigger inside her nest box.

Pretty cool! Who wants to add these little guys to next year's baby animal bracket?

Read more at The Denver Post.

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