Logos On NASA Rockets? Sign Us Up!

The National Aeronautics and Space Administration has been exploring new ideas lately... Ideas that include possibly selling sponsorships and ads for their journeys into space.

Logos.... On NASA rockets?

You mean, like the absolute coolest way to advertise the show?!

Sign us up!!!

“There is interest in that right now,” Administrator Jim Bridenstine mentioned to the NASA Advisory Council in August.

(Um, duh there's interest! All in favor of putting a big DING-DONG on the side of a NASA rocket say I!)

“The question is, is it possible? And the answer is, I don’t know. But, we need somebody to give us advice on whether it is. Why would we want to sell the naming rights?” he said. “Well, because then those private companies can then embed in their marketing campaigns NASA. We can embed NASA into the culture and fabric of American society and inspire generations of folks that will create those next capabilities to keep America preeminent not only in space but in science and technology and discovery and exploration.”

Well, the Conway Crew thinks it's possible!

Now we just need to find some money to pay for it...

Read the full story on The Verge.

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