Recall Councilman Joe Buscaino!

With the way Buscaino has been handling the situation with local residents over the proposed homeless shelters in San Pedro and Wilmington, it is obvious he is not suitable for his position. 

So when he told John and Ken "Bring it!" in talks of a recall, residents sure brought it. 

A website has been set up where you can read about what Buscaino has done or hasn't done for his community and what you can do to take action now. 

From the website, 

"Joe Buscaino's vision of CD 15 consists of relocating homeless. Turning us into an RV Park. Ruining Tourism. Broken Sidewalks, Dirty Streets, Piles of Trash and Gridlock for Traffic. When our officials stop paying attention to us sometimes our only option is to RECALL!"

Check it out here


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