We Have #GaSFantasy4Play : Week 1 Winners!

Week 1 of #GaSFantasy4Play is all wrapped up, and we have the results.

This week, the games were...

#HOUvsNE   Houston Texans at New England Patriots

#SFvsMIN   San Francisco 49ers at Minnesota Vikings

#KCvsLAC   Kansas City Chiefs at Los Angeles Chargers

#CHIvsGB   Chicago Bears at Green Bay Packers

And the winners were the...

New England Patriots, Minnesota Vikings, Kansas City Chiefs, Green Bay Packers

As for listeners that played along, @geedropsthemic, @monicasellshome, @DavidRJeffery, @nmgthatsme, @steverasch, @Laurak303, @notmeagain, and @BigwaveKurtis picked all 4 games correctly on Twitter!

So, as promised, they will be followed by @GaryandShannon on Twitter and will be getting a prize!

When it comes to the GaS crew, Gary and Blake both got 3 right, Shannon('s dad) picked 2 correctly, and Nick only picked 1 winner.

So, after Week 1, the GaS standings are...

Gary                       3-1   (--)

Blake                      3-1   (--)

Shannon('s dad)    2-2   (1 GB)

Nick                       1-3   (2 GB)

If you missed out this week, don't worry!  You can start playing at any time!  Just keep an eye out on Friday for the next #GaSFantasy4Play games!

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