#MugshotOfTheDay: Former "Presidential Candidate" Joe Exotic Hires Hit Man


(Joseph Maldonado Passage - Courtesy of Santa Rosa Sheriff's Office)

First things first, you need to really understand who Joe Exotic is, because he could have been your president, IF ONLY YOU PEOPLE HAD STEPPED UP AND SUPPORTED HIM!!!

So, yea...that's Joe Exotic.

In short, he's an Oklahoma man that owns a tiger zoo.  And, the woman he refers to in the video is Carole Baskin, an animal rights activist that operates a rescue sanctuary in Florida.

Well, the two have a bit of a history.

For years, Baskin reported Joe Exotic for animal cruelty.  Joe retaliated by changing the name of his zoo to reflect the name of Baskin's animal rescue.  His plan didn't work too well.  In 2013, Joe Exotic was ordered to pay Baskin $1 million for the name change.

Fast forward a few years, and Joe didn't just take it to the next step, he took it to a whole other level.

He tried to hire a hit man.


The first time was in November of 2017, when Joe tried to pay someone $3,000 to go to Florida and kill Baskin.  

Then, the next month, he tried to hire another hit man.

One problem.

This hit man was an FBI agent.

According to Daily Mail, Joe Exotic now faces 20 years in prison and a $500,000 fine if he is found guilty.

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