#TerrorInTheSkies: When The Toilets Floweth Over

“What do you mean I have to pee in a bag?”

So, that's what we're working with on this one...

An American Airlines flight was making its way from Phoenix to Kona, Hawaii.

As is bound to happen on all flights, people needed to use the bathroom, including the woman that took the video, here.

But, when she wanted to use the bathroom, a flight attendant told her that she couldn't, and that she would have to pee in a bag.


“What do you mean I have to pee in a bag?”

"They’re overflowing. This one has like this much left. I know, it’s horrible. And guys are going in bottles."

At what point did American Airlines flights turn into cross-country, family road trips?  You know, those ones where dad refused to stop for bathroom breaks because you should have thought about it at lunch.  The very same ones that would have had been thrown so terribly off schedule if you made an unplanned, 5-minute pit stop.

Oh, I know when.  It happened when a genius decided to flush a diaper down the airplane toilet.

The plane's toilets were all fine up until then, but the dirty diaper clogged everything up.

For what it's worth, American Airlines issued a statement on the issue:

"We are very sorry for the trouble this caused the 187 passengers on flight 663. Our customer relations team will be reaching out to all of the passengers on this flight to extend our apologies.

At American, lavatories must be working properly prior to departure. If an American flight is in the air, and all lavatories become inoperative, the flight will divert to the nearest suitable airport in order for maintenance to rectify the situation. Due to the location of the aircraft, the flight continued to its intended destination. The issue was subsequently rectified upon arrival in Kona, and our flight returned to Phoenix as scheduled."

Read the full story at 12 News

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