Possible Murder Suspect, 1 Other Man Surrender to Police In Brentwood

Police chased a possible murder suspect and the man who was driving him for over an hour before they surrendered in front of a Ralph's grocery store in Brentwood. The meandering chase through the San Fernando Valley began around 5 p.m. in the Woodland Hills area with police saying one other person bailed out of the vehicle at one point during the chase. 

About a half-dozen cruisers followed the green pickup truck as it sped through rush hour traffic, transitioning onto surface streets. At one point, police followed the truck onto the 405 Freeway during a rare moment of clear highways. 

The driver narrowly missed several cars while police gave chase. Authorities said they believed the passenger might be armed and dangerous. 

Eventually, the driver pulled into a parking lot of a Ralph's grocery store where he got out of the vehicle with his hands up. Once authorities took him into custody, the suspect exited the vehicle and was also arrested. 

Photo: Getty Images

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