First of Mayor Garcetti's Temporary Homeless Shelters to Open

posted by Arianna Marie - 

Mayor Eric Garcetti announced his plans Wednesday to open the first temporary homeless shelter in Los Angeles on September 10 as part of a larger plan to open 15 more shelters across each of the 15 City Council districts. 

The new "Bridge Home" near the El Pueblo Historical Monument contains three trailers expected to house 45 people, 30 men and 15 women. The shelter sits in a city-owned parking lot with two extra trailers for hygiene services and space for the on-site service workers.

The shelters are offered as a temporary solution to the homeless problem in Los Angeles to help those without homes get off the street and into permanent housing.

Garcetti has also said that along with the housing support, access to supportive services and addiction counseling will be offered to those in the shelters. 

City officials say the El Pueblo site shelter has cost an estimated $2.4 million to build.  


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