#TastyTuesday: Food Halls & Spicy Oreos

You love food trucks.  I love food trucks.  @ForkReporter loves food trucks.

We have our favorite ones, and we know where they will be, and when they will be there.

Well, according to The Washington Post, they're on the way out.

Well, not like all the way out, but there is a new hot food trend making its way across the country.

Food halls.

You know Grand Central Market, the Farmer's Market on 3rd, and the Anaheim Packing District?

Those are food halls.

Essentially, they are buildings that house a variety of restaurants and food establishments, giving customers the ability to pick from many different places, all in one spot.  Whether you are just one person that visits the location often and wants a wide selection, or if you have a large group full of people with varying tastes, food halls can cover everyone.

Get ready, because if there isn't one near you already, there will be soon.

There were only 25 halls in the country in 2010.  By 2020, it is expected that there will be 300.

Oh yea.

Now, there's also wasabi and chicken wing flavored Oreos...


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