How 2 Guys Became McDonald's Models Without McDonald's Knowing

Tonight we had Jevh Maravilla on the show to talk about how and why he pulled off his McDonald's poster ad maneuver.  Listen in the KFI Player below!

Dang, talk about having cajones!  Meet Jevh Maravilla.

If you don't know him yet, give it a week.

He's a bit of a social engineer, a bit of a genius, and a bit of an equal rights advocate.  

Jevh is a 21-year-old media production major studying at the University of Houston. And like many-an-undergrad, he has a special fondness for a certain special set of Golden Arches.

Here, take a look below where he's photographed with a pal at his local McDonald's:

And now, take a second look.  Specifically take a look at the poster behind the two seated college kids.  No, you're not seeing double, those are indeed the same exact two guys in the apparent McDonald's advertisement behind them.

Why do I say "apparent" ad?  It's probably because it's 100% NOT a legitimate ad, but a self-made one-sheet created by Mr. Maravilla and his pictures.

Already that's pretty cool.  

But even more impressive is the motivation.  This wasn't just a chance to play a joke, or to show off Jevh's photoshop skills.  During his time frequenting Micky D's (or "MacDoja's, as the kids say these days), he noticed that in all their local store ads, not one of them included Asians.

Check out how they pulled this off, including Jevh's purchasing of McDonald's uniforms and in-store sleuthing:

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