Homeless Conservatorship Bill in State Senate

A bill that would make it easier to force some homeless mentally ill and drug addicted people into treatment could soon be heading to the Governor's desk.  The bill has been approved by the Assembly and heads back to the state Senate for final approval.  It would allow San Francisco, Los Angeles and San Diego counties to create pilot programs to take conservatorship over more of the mentally ill and addicted.  

The bill's sponsor, State Senator Scott Weiner of San Francisco, says it's inhumane to allow the severely mentally ill to try to fend for themselves on the streets.  Under current law only those who pose an immediate threat to themselves or others can be involuntarily committed and then only for an initial period of 72 hours before they can discharge themselves.  

The bill is opposed by the ACLU and other civil rights groups who say the current law is adequate.

Photo: Getty Images

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