Bail Bond Industry Launches Attempt to Block SB 10

After Gov. Jerry Brown signed SB 10, the bail reform bill, thousand of bail bonds businesses were suddenly put at risk. 

The bill eliminated money bail across California and will implement a new bail system based on "risk assessment," which will go into effect on Oct. 1 2019. 

Now the bail bond industry is fighting back, a coalition of bail industry associations, crime victims groups and other opponents have launched a voter referendum drive in an attempt to block the implementation of the new law. 

They have roughly three months to collect and submit an estimated 366,000 signatures to qualify the measure.

If they are successful, the law would be put on hold and weighed on the November 2020 ballot. 

Read the full story at the LA Times

Jeffrey Clayton, Executive Director of the American Bail Coalition talked to John and Ken Thursday about their efforts and the signatures needed, listen below. 

Photo: Getty Images

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