#MugshotOfTheDay: Cross-Dressing Man Records Woman In Bathroom

(Photo: Shawn Hallett, Greenville Police Department.)

A man caught hiding in a convenience store bathroom on Sunday is now being accused of using his cellphone to video others.

Police say that 38-year-old Shawn Thomas Hallett, originally from Texas, was hiding in a South Carolina bathroom stall wearing a wig and women's clothes when another woman entered the restroom.

Listen, guys... we know that the women's bathrooms are cleaner, nicer, and even have a much more welcoming smell. However, that is NO EXCUSE for you to dress up as a girl and invite yourself in.

The woman was using the bathroom when she said she noticed a cellphone recording her from under the stall next to her.

Note to self: when you're using the bathroom, mind your OWN business!

The woman immediately left the bathroom calling for help, and that's when police found him wearing a wig and women's clothing.

Officers later found a video of the woman on Hallett's phone. He was charged with voyeurism and remains in jail as of Monday.

Read the full story on The New York Post.

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