Nine-Year-Old Boy Kills Himself After Coming Out As Gay

A nine-year-old boy from Colorado took his own life just four days after telling his classmates that he was gay. Jamel Myles told his mother at the start of the summer and was excited to tell his friends when he went back to school. 

"He went to school and said he was gonna tell people he’s gay because he’s proud of himself," the boy's mother, Leia Pierce, told Fox 31 Denver.

Unfortunately, Myles's fellow classmates were not as accepting of his sexuality as he had expected them to be, and they started bullying him. Four days after beginning the fourth grade, Myles took his own life.

"Four days is all it took at school. I could just imagine what they said to him," Pierce said. "My son told my oldest daughter the kids at school told him to kill himself. I’m just sad he didn’t come to me."

Pierce said that she believes there needs to be accountability for instances of bullying and that parents should also face punishment for the actions of their children.

"We should have accountability for bullying. I think the child should. Because the child knows it’s wrong. The child wouldn’t want someone to do it to them. I think the parent should be held because obviously the parents are either teaching them to be like that, or they’re treating them like that," she said.

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