Mega Moves From This Cheerleader

For those that don't know, I have a podcast!  My friend, Justin Worsham, you may remember him when he was board op for the Bill Handel Show and he currently does a kick ass regular segment with Gary & Shannon on Thursdays. (Click HERE to hear the latest segment he did with GaS.) 

Well, he and I have been doing a podcast together for awhile, originally known as "The Producer Michelle" podcast, now it's known as 'Justin & Michelle's Sideshow' because we're freaks.

We don't talk politics, we stay away from most news, you can get that stuff everywhere...we just like to get together, have fun and talk sabout stuff WE feel like talking about.  Usually that means, wives, husbands, kids, dogs, crazy moms, etc.  

We have currently have 45 episodes of the podcasts, and you can find them HERE or by searching the iHeart app or ITunes for 'Sideshow Podcast'.'s FREE and check it out. Follow us on Facebook as well! 

Now that the pitch for our podcast is done, do you think I'd let you leave my blog without my collection of weekly videos guaranteed to make you smile? Of course not... Here they are.

First, I saw this video last night and it put me in SUCH a good mood for Monday! The moves this kid has are amazing! 

Have you done the #SnootChallenge on social media?  I tried it at home with Princess & Roxy and they were not having any of it at all, but these dogs knew just how to do it. 

I couldn't even get a good video of my dogs failing at the challenge, but these people did! 

You can see a bunch more of the fails on Instagram by searching the #SnootChallengeFail

Now, I love a good rescue story, they give you that good kind of cry.  Here's two I saw over the weekend, that I just loved and had to pass on. 

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