Hurricane Lane to Make Landfall Tomorrow

Photos and video by Nichole in Hawaii.

Weather forecasters say that Hurricane Lane is weakening, but its impact will still be felt strongly in Hawaii.

Winds are clocking in around 130-miles-per hour south of Honolulu today and the Category 4 storm could become the first major hurricane to make landfall on the islands in 26 years.

Residents there continue to be warned that the powerful hurricane could batter the islands with strong winds, landslides, and major flooding. 

Despite warnings, Hawaiians on the ground are in dire shape when it comes to stocking up on provisions, and basic necessities are quickly becoming straight unavailable.

Tim recently reached out to Nichole, a listener and mother of two who lives in Honolulu on the island of Oahu.  

She explained how she's been seeing aisles of empty shelves and grocery stores, and evidence of price-gouging as a six-pack of water is going for $25.

Below are some of the photos which Nichole sent us and show the severity of the situation on the ground in the path of Hurricane Lane:

Listen to Nichole's report of conditions on the ground in Oahu below:

Read more over at the NY Times.

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