Dodger Nicknames Front And Center This Weekend

Everyone must know by now that I'm a HUGE Dodger fan...and that Exec. Producer Michelle is a sucky N.Y. Mets fan. (Sorry Michelle, but it's true!)

Well, get ready Dodger fans (well, all baseball fans really) it's 'Player's Weekend' and the Dodgers will be hosting the San Diego Padres all weekend!

If you show up at Dodger Stadium, or any other stadium this weekend, you'll see custom equipment, different uniforms, and the names on the back of the player's jerseys won't be their last names, instead, you'll see their nicknames!

Now, the Dodgers announced their nicknames last week, and some of them are pretty cool, some are just in our opinion, 'meh'.  

NBC4 ranked all of them on their website and explained what a few of them mean. 

For example:

  • Walker Buehler's nickname is 'Ferris' but, according to NBC4, he won't be pitching this weekend so it's literally 'Ferris' Buehler's Day Off. Ha! Get it?

  • Yasiel Puig owes his nickname, 'Wild Horse,' to the great Vin Scully, who once said, 'The Wild Horse is loose!' when Puig hit a triple in 2014.  Puig also started a Children's Foundation using the name.
  • Pedro Baez's nickname is 'La Mula,' 'the mule' in Spanish because of his work ethic.

  • Yasmani Grandal's nickname is the 'Yazmanian Devil,' because everyone compares him to the Tazmanian Devil (not to mention he has an image of the character on his bat.)

  • Kenley Jansen's nickname is 'Kenleyfornia', after a fan sent him a custom made flag of California that read instead, 'Kenleyfornia Republic,' complete with a bear wearing his jersey. He loved it so much that he adopted is as his nickname.

Find your favorite player's nickname at NBC4.

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