Why You Should Vote Yes on Prop. 6

Check out Carl DeMaio's article in the San Francisco Chronicle on prop 6 and why voting "yes" for the proposition will still help California's roads even without the gas tax and vehicle fee increase that is hurting the wallets of struggling families. 

To gain your interest in voting yes, DeMaio states what the Prop. 6 coalition proposes.

 "100 percent of gas tax revenue will be spent on roads. We also propose earmarking the sales tax on autos for regional inter-modal transportation projects approved by voters in the region served. Finally, we would impose significant accountability, efficiency and transparency reforms to make sure our tax funds are effectively spent."

If the gas tax does not get repealed, the tax will increase every year automatically. 

For more on the gas tax repeal efforts click here.

Carl DeMaio is the chairman of Reform California, listen to his interview on Friday with John and Ken below.

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