Emotional DashCam of Toddler's Near-Death Rescue Released

Last June, Fox News broke a story about a Florida deputy who had pulled the body of a 3-year-old girl from an overheated and sealed car.  It's a sad story - and one all too common these days.

June in Florida.  You can imagine what kind of weather they're dealing with.

The poor girl was left in the car overnight.  By the time police discovered her sweaty, lifeless body, she had been locked in the car for a period of 12 hours.  

And how did it happen?  The usual thing in these sorts of incidents: parental negligence.  The toddler's parents had left the girl strapped in her child's seat in the locked car while...

Wait for it.....

While going on a liquor run.  

It was Seminole County Deputy Bill Dunn who found and pulled the apparently dead 3-year-old out of the overheated death trap.  

Sadly, I didn't think she was alive when I found her.  I felt for a pulse - I didn't feel a pulse. 

- Deputy Bill Dunn

And now for the final act, Deputy Dunn's dash-cam footage of the rescue has been released.  The harrowing video clip shows the roughly 10 seconds it took for Dunn to run get the visibly limp girl out of the car and run her to his squad car.

The pictures are both frightening and evocative, but anyone who watches it can do so with the comfort in knowing that thankfully, the little one would survive and recover in full.

Check it out below:

Read more about the rescue at the Miami Herald.

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