Workplaces Impacting Your Parenting With The Dad Podcast

Do your boss and coworkers impact your parenting?

Never thought about it, did you?

A recent study outlined in Scary Mommy shows that a hostile workplace could actually negatively impact you as a parent.


Well, according to the study, work stresses impact the brain and emotional state, which will likely carry over to your parenting.

Justin Worsham of The Dad Podcast doesn't really buy into that.

"I think it is is naive to think your co-workers or boss impact your parenting. It is more likely that when you are stressed or on edge, that you have a shorter fuse with your kids. Which, I think, is the point of the research, but the headline shifts blame away from you. 

As a parent I have, admittedly, taken quite a few mid day shots of tequila if I feel like I am having a rough day. By taking the edge off, I have noticed that I have a little more patience with my kids and don’t unintentionally make them the victim of MY day or circumstance. So where is my study that says Day Drinking Makes You A Better Parent?"

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