#TechTalk: Picking The Right Computer For Your Student

Picking out a computer for your young student?

It's a difficult process, we know.

Desktops, laptops, tablets, 2-in-1s...

Which one is the right choice??

#TechTalk with @Marc_Saltzman breaks it all down at USA Today, and it mostly comes down to the age of your kid.

If your child is in elementary school, your best option is a desktop.

Desktops are...

  • sturdy
  • generally less expensive than laptops
  • more ergonomic for small hands
  • locked into one place that parents can monitor easily

Once your child gets up to middle school and high school, laptops become a better option.

Laptops are...

  • portable

That's pretty much why they're preferred for middle school and high school students.

However, it isn't as simple as just purchasing any old laptop.  You need to look into the operating system, its features, and its specs to make sure that it will meet their needs.

If your child is a college student, laptops are still preferred, and the homework becomes so much more important.

Certain classes and fields require specific programs and capabilities, and not all laptops are capable of doing all the same things.  

It is vital that you understand what you will be using your laptop for, and then properly researching and understanding your options before making your purchase.

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