AB1810 Undergoing Potential Revisions

AB 1810, signed into law by Governor Jerry Brown weeks back is now under revision. 

The law allowed convicted criminals the option to testify they had a treatable mental disorder and therefore should be dismissed of their charges. The law pertained to criminals of all kind including rapists and murderers. 

Now, Gov. Brown wants to tighten the law by enforcing stricter rules. 

The Associated Press obtained a proposal that "specifically bans those charged with murder, rape and other sex crimes from participating and allows judges to bar a much broader range of dangerous suspects."

The proposal also states that counties must opt in to the program after consulting with prosecutors, defense attorneys, mental health workers and local judges.

“It seems to at least make an attempt to address most of the concerns,” said El Dorado County District Attorney Vern Pierson. “It’s a significant improvement from the original language that was passed and signed into law as part of the budget.”

The administration's proposal would also allow judges to extend the mental health treatment programs for a third year instead of the original two years.  

Prosecutors have long complained that lawmakers approved the law in one day and didn't take the time to go through the usual legislative process.

Photo: Getty Images

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