#TerrorInTheSkies: Terror Between The Thighs

Maybe not all of us, but most of us are not fans of the TSA.

They can be rude, impatient, and short.

Well, now you can add gropey to that list of adjectives.

(I guess groping isn't a new accusation for TSA workers, is it?  Anyways...)

Mark Frey told the New York Post that he was groped by a TSA screener at Palm Beach International Airport when he was on his way back to New York.

The 61-year-old chiropractor has metal prosthetics in his neck, which would clearly set off alarms and create the need for extended security checks.

That's wan't the issue for Mark.

Mark's issues began when his request for a private search was denied.  Instead, he was forced to lift his shirt up to his head. 

 The TSA screener then put his hands under Mark's shorts.  At this point, the screener was allegedly “roughly touching” Mark's genitals long enough that his 8-year-old daughter, who was standing nearby, took notice.

“Look, they are touching Daddy’s penis!”

He says the screening continued even after he asked for a supervisor.

“They took away my child’s innocence.  I want it to be a learning moment for everybody, where we can try to lose some of this insanity”

It seems like Mark's accusations are true, as another traveler filed a complaint against the TSA on behalf of Mark.

TSA declined to comment.

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