#WhatchaWatchinWednesday: Bachelorette Report with Petros

We're there!

It is finally over!!

We have reached the finale!!!

We are free!!!!

(Well, until next season... but we're not talking about that right now...)

It was down to two.  Becca had to choose between the emotionally unstable Blake and the empty-headed tomato farmer Garrett.  Tough choice isn't it?

Well, Blake makes it very clear to Becca that she loves her so much.

How much does Becca love Blake?

Not muuuuccccchhhhh!!!!!

He breaks down and loses it and cries about being alone again. (Because this whole production wasn't a facade of love and romance to begin with, right?)

Gosh I hate this show so much.  Why do we keep doing these reports?!?!


Back to Becca and Garrett.

Becca loves minivans.  Garrett loves minivans.  And since that is what love is based on, they got engaged!

There you go.  

It's done.  

This season is over.  

She's getting married.

Well, probably.  We all remember the whole Arie situation...

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