600 People Get Sick From Single Chipotle In Ohio


Health officials are stumped as to what caused a massive food poisoning outbreak at a Chipotle in Ohio that sickened over 600 people at the end of July. The Delaware General Health District launched an investigation on July 31st after receiving a large number of complaints from people who became ill after eating at the Mexican chain restaurant in Powell. 

Officials closed the restaurant and found health code violations relating to the storage of food, but did not believe they were the reason that such a large number of people got sick. They tested for salmonella, shigella, E. coli, and norovirus, but all those tests came back negative. 

According to the Daily Mail, two customers who became so sick they required medical attention are suing Chipotle for $25,000 each, and their lawyer expects more people to join the lawsuit. 

The Chipotle store was thoroughly cleaned and there have been no reports of people getting sick since it re-opened. 

Health officials are continuing to test food samples as they try to determine what caused the largest outbreak of food poisoning in the restaurant chain's history. 

Photo: Getty Images

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