Janey Peterson: Scott Peterson convicted 'based on adultery evidence'

Scott Peterson, currently on death row at San Quentin State Prison, was convicted of murdering his pregnant wife Laci Peterson and unborn son Conner in 2004.

Scott first reported his wife Laci misisng in 2002 on Christmas Eve and grew suspicion from police and detectives for his weird, nonchalant behavior and inconsistencies in his stories. He also engaged in numerous affairs, even during the time Laci was missing and before her body was found. 

His sister-in-law Janey Peterson, still holds that Scott is innocent after all these years. Janey sat down with Garth Stapley with The Modesto Bee for an interview about the evidence in Scott's case and why she believes he was not Laci and Conner's killer.

The interview, held at the Peterson's family crating business in Poway, included Janey showcasing one of the rooms at the business where there is trial transcripts, maps, pictures, and timelines posted on the walls to support her argument that her brother-in-law is innocent. 

Just last week, Scott Peterson’s lawyers filed a final court document aimed at reversing Scott's death penalty verdict.

Read and listen to more about what Janey had to say to The Modesto Bee here

Photo: Getty Images

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