'Skinny Eyebrows' Criticized for Cultural Appropriation

A recent Marie Claire piece by author Krystyna Chavez claims that super thin eyebrows are "cultural appropriation".  

Chavez says she was "horrified" when she saw the newest cover of British Vogue that featured singer Rihanna with overly-plucked skinny eyebrows. 

The piece titled "I'm a Latina, and I Find Rihanna's Skinny Brows Problematic," describes reasons why the brows could be offensive as Chavez writes, 

“Considering it was highly unlikely that Rihanna had suddenly joined a gang, and seeing as the Caribbean singer wasn’t exactly raised on the streets of East L.A., my Mexican-American heart was deeply confused, and deeply annoyed.”

Essentially, Chavez believes that Rihanna shouldn't be allowed to have skinny eyebrows and call it fashion when Latina women get categorized as cholas and called "trashy" by society if they have the same type of eyebrows. 

However Chavez goes on to contradict herself when she says she "understands skinny brows were not created or exclusively owned by the Latinx community."

If the Latinx community doesn't own the look and other cultures have adopted the style like Roaring Twenties fashion and South African culture, wouldn't this mean that people of other ethnicity's could have thin eyebrows since it doesn't belong to one group?      

According to Chavez the answer is no, she says,

"For the Latinxs among us who have faced persecution for our appearances for decades — and for the cholas I knew growing up who took immense pride in their look — we will only ever see chola brows, no matter how much you dress them up,” 

Nobody is safe, wear a mask and walk around naked, although that could also definitely offend somebody.

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