Move Over Drake: The CHP Has A Challenge For You

Move over, Drake.  There's a new musical challenge on YouTube, and it ain't no #InMyFeelingsChallenge.

I'm talking about the #LipSyncChallenge, and guess who the latest takers are?  That's right, CA's very own boys in brown: the California Highway Patrol.

The challenge is pretty simple.  People who are challenged must record a video of themselves performing a lip-synced song and upload it for everyone to see.

While the original challenge fomented online years ago, it snowballed in popularity and has just now in 2018 reached the final frontier:  

Law enforcement.

The CHP not only accepted the challenge, but completely blew it away with a selection of not just one, but EIGHT hit song selections.  Not only that, each of those famous songs have the word "California" in their title, and most of them (if not all) are bona fide Billboard chart-toppers.

Any guesses which ones made the list?  Here's a hint:  Tupac Shakur, the Eagles, Katy Perry and the Ramones are some of the artists whose songs were chosen.

Oh yeah.  They also brought Erik Estrada into their challenge.  

Smooth move, guys!  Just hedging your bets.  We understand.

Check out the video below!

Read more over at ABC 7.

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