#TechTalk: Why You Want A Dashcam & The 1st Trillion Dollar Business

Dashboard cameras are very useful tools for police officers constantly out on the road.

But they are also useful for normal people like us, just trying to navigate the chaos that is Los Angeles traffic.

Dashcams record video and audio anytime the car is running, and some are even able to automatically save the footage whenever any impact on the car is detected.

That can be a life-saver if you ever find yourself in a dispute with another driver, or even your insurance company.

In terms of pricing, most start at around $50 and are a very affordable addition to your car (that could potentially save you much more in the future).

If you don't yet have a dashcam in your car, here are a few of the cool features you're missing out on:

  • Most record at a 1080p "Full HD" quality, meaning the footage can be useful in seeing small details on the road like a license plate, a persons face, debris in the road, etc.
  • Need help with tricky parallel parking? Some models of the dashcams even have a "parking mode" feature
  • Wireless streaming? Why not! Some of the newer dashcams can send footage to your phone or another app instantly if connected
  • Some even come with an embedded GPS, (something you won't realize you needed until its too late)

But, before you just go out and buy one, check out more at USA Today.

And Apple just became the first company to hit a market cap of $1 trillion.

Read more about how the tech giant did it on CNBC.

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