Man's Best Friend....Is A Duck!

The Bentsen family lives out on Long Island, New York, and they have a dog named Brody.

Now Brody is your typical golden retriever in many ways, except when it comes to his very best friend.

A duck.

Back in April, 12-year-old Tommy Bentsen found a nest in their yard with duck eggs in it. They watched the nest and mama duck never returned.

So the family set about caring for the eggs until they hatched, following advice from wildlife experts, with the intention of releasing them into the wild when they were able.  

Sure enough, the ducks hatched, but sadly, only one survived. 

And Brody was determined to help care for that little one instead of retrieving it!

When the family tried to release the duck into the wild, the other ducks weren't accepting of her as much as she tried to join them, and it made Brody nervous.  

So now the duck stays with the family, and occasionally goes for a swim near other ducks while Brody watches over her. 

Check out more of the story of Brody and his best friend below

This story, of course, made us go down the rabbit hole for more stories of dogs with ducks as their best's what we found! 

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