@DrWendyWalsh Helps Us Increase Intimacy In Our Relationship

We all know that sex brings two people closer physically.

But what you may not realize is that sex with your significant other can also bring the two of you closer mentally, spiritually, and physically. And science can prove it.

Ever heard of oxytocin? Simply put, it's a group of compounds that are known to reduce stress in the body. It helps us feel love, bonding, and even our sex drive.

Couples that have sex frequently are said to have higher levels of oxytocin. Orgasms are also known to help raise the oxytocin levels for lovers too.

Overall, sex creates higher oxytocin levels. And the higher the oxytocin levels, the closer you feel to your partner.

What else could make you two feel closer? Strange as it sounds - it's "pillow talk".

Comfortable conversation after sex is also linked to satisfaction within a relationship.

It helps you feel important, heard, and close to the person you're sharing your thoughts and secrets with.

And the more you share with your partner in these intimate settings, the more likely you are to actually feel the intimacy.

Oh and by the way, research suggests that sharing secrets can also increase intimacy.

Read more about how to increase intimacy at Psychology Today.

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