Dog Survives Greek Wildfires, Found Hiding In Oven

What do Greece and California have in common?

Besides both historically being front-runners and innovators of the concept of democracy, the other (and current) tie that binds is one that Californians are more than familiar with:

(Photo by Getty Images)

Yep.  Wildfires.  Here in California, we currently have 16 wildfires which are raging from San Diego County to Northern California.

Meanwhile, our friends in Greece just went through the worst wildfire in decades.

And with that fire, came a new affinity.  An affinity for a dog who goes by the name "Loukoumakis," who incidentally showed us all how to survive the end of the world, wildfire-style!

So how did Loukoumakis (or "Louky" for short, ie "Lucky") do it?  It was one-part animal survivalism, and one-part hard work on behalf of the animal rescue worker who found Louky.  Maybe a dash of old-fashioned luck for good measure.

The canine was found hiding in an outdoor oven by the rescue volunteer in the town of Mati after deadly wildfires had ripped their way though the small town.

The disaster 91 deaths, with human and pet fatalities.  So you can see how calling the dog "Lucky/Louky" is right on.

The fluffy (and not-so-little) lady suffered minor burns, but appears to have made it through relatively unscathed, to which we say...


Read more over at ABC 7.

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