Clark Kent AKA "Superman" Kills Michael Phelps' Record

And we all thought that Michael Phelps was Superman!  

Well, the unthinkable has happened, and ironically the man who was at least once touted as "Superman"  has had one of his long-time records broken by the real Clark Kent.

Well, one of them, anyway.

The feat was accomplished by 10-year-old Clark Kent Apuada.  I'll get to that in a second, but let's get the filler information out of the way first.  

Clark scored first place in each of the 7 events at the Far West International Championship in California:

One of those events was the 100-meter Butterfly, which had its record high time set by the one and only Michael Phelps back in 1995.

Not only did Apuada match a legendary Olympic athlete's record time, he beat it, shaving off more than a full second:

Apuada says that since he defeated Phelps, his friends now refer to him simply as Superman, all jokes aside.

And talk about dreams becoming reality - Phelps tweeted out a message of support for the young phenom:

I dunno, though.  Some people spend their whole lives trying to defeat Superman.  This kid did it at 10.

Where do you go from there??

Actually, I think I can think of something:

(Photo by Getty Images)

Now now, simmer down.  I know 10 is too young to compete in the Summer Olympics (even if you do have 4 years of competitive swimming experience like Apuada).

The young Kent knows this too, but that doesn't deter him from setting his sights on becoming an Olympian just as soon as he is of age.

Check out CBS News for more.

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