Prop 47 aftermath; person arrested 83 times since its passing

Prop 47, which classified “non-serious, nonviolent crimes" as misdemeanors instead of felonies, has some people believing it could be responsible for an increase in petty crimes.

One of those people is Fresno Police Chief Jerry Dyer who says Prop 47 definitely plays a leading role in what he sees everyday. 

"There's an individual we have arrested 83 times since Prop 47 has passed, all on petty thefts, 83 times," Dyer told yourcentralvalley.

The Chief has mostly seen a spike in thefts and says it's happening everyday. 

"That's their job, that's their career, there embolden to do it because there's no consequences."

In the last few weeks 15 Lululemon stores statewide have been robbed with tens-of-thousands of dollars in merchandise stolen. 

Apple stores across the state are also getting hit with thousands of dollars in iPhones and iPads swiped off the counters.  

Dyer says sometimes there hands are tied when it comes to keeping the thieves off the streets, but that voters can take control at the ballot box. 

"We as a community have become complacent. We can adjust to a new norm. We've adjusted to Props 47, 57 and AB-109 and the weakening of the law, we shouldn't as a community. We shouldn't accept that."

Dyer will be on John and Ken today at 3:00 p.m. with more on prop 47. 

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