Misdiagnosed Colorado Man Develops Serious Skin Condition, Sues Doctor

22-year old Scott developed Stevens Johnson Syndrome after taking medication he was prescribed for a mental health condition he claims he never had. 

The Parker, Colorado man spent three weeks in a local burn unit after he was over-prescibed Lamictal, also known as Lamotrigine, the anti-seizure medication often used to treat bipolar depression. 

SJS is a known painful side effect of overdosing on Lamictal and is a condition that causes "serious skin rashes, blisters and sores on mucous membranes like one's eyes."

Three years after his intense experience, Scott is suing his doctor and pharmacist for inaccurately diagnosing him which ultimately left him with the condition that had him feeling like he had "survived an inferno."

"I had two surgeries on my eyes in order to save them from not going blind," said Scott. "Inside of my mouth, I had burns and cuts, and so I couldn't even eat food."

Scott had visited his doctor for a yearly physical in January 2016 and mentioned feeling a little depressed.

His physician, Dr. Michael Paul Elder, incorrectly diagnosed him after giving Scott a questionnaire for bipolar disorder and immediately prescribing him Lamictal when the questionnaire never called for a prescription. 

Scott told FOX 31 he never had mental issues before. 

Lamictal is prescribed with what's known as a black box warning but Scott says he was never told about the warning by Walgreen's pharmacist Anisa Bartells, who is also included in the lawsuit. 

"There was so many things wrong in this case that it's frightening," said Scott's attorney, Hollynd Hoskins.

"Not only was the diagnosis false -- he did not have bipolar -- not only did he diagnosis it with a screening tool, he prescribed Lamictal, a serious drug, at four times the recommended dose." 

Scott developed rashes and bubbles on the bottom of his feet and will have vision issues for the rest of his life. 

"Hard to believe that all the little checkpoints where someone could have caught what was going wrong... that they didn't," Scott said.

The lawsuit against Dr. Elder, Marchetti and Bartells is set to go to trial in October. 

Take a look at the graphic photos here

Photo: Getty Images

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