LAPD Releases Video of Shooting that Killed Suspect, Hostage

The Los Angeles Police Department released body camera video from a June 16 police shooting that left one suspect and the hostage he took dead in Van Nuys. 

According to the report, police initially responded to a call of a man who had stabbed his ex-girlfriend at a church. Authorities say when officers arrived at the church in the 6400 block of Tyrone Ave in Van Nuys, they found a man identified as 32-year-old Guillermo Perez holding a large serrated knife. 

Officers can be heard yelling at the suspect to "Drop the knife!" in the video posted to the LAPD's YouTube channel.  

Perez can be seen using a metal folding chair to deflect two shots fired by an officer holding a beanbag shotgun. The suspect then moves to take a woman hostage, holding the knife he had to her neck. 

At a press conference Tuesday, Chief Michael Moore said officers were forced to make a split second decision once the man took a hostage and held his knife to the woman's neck. 

"Tragically this was another case where officers were forced to make split second decisions, based on the actions of a violent individual," Moore said. 

Three officers opened fire on the man, striking the woman and Perez, who both fell to the ground. 

"Perez began to cut the innocent bystander's throat with a knife. That's when three officers shot at Perez to stop his actions and prevent him from killing the hostage," Moore said. 

Both later died at a nearby hospital. 

Perez's ex-girlfriend was treated for stab wounds at a local hospital. 

Photo: Getty Images

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