Why "Bigfoot Erotica" Was In The News

When I say "Bigfoot Erotica" you say....What?

Bigfoot Erotica!


Congressional campaigns have officially hit a new low in Virginia.

Democrat Leslie Cockburn (yep, that's her name) and her opponent, Republican Denver Riggleman are doing whatever they can to get votes, because the seat in Virginia is potentially one that can flip from Republican to Democrat.  

To get those votes, it usually means attacking each other after uncovering some weird personal fetish.

In this case, it involves Bigfoot.

Apparently, Cockburn is convinced that Riggleman has a fetish for Bigfoot and is a devotee of "Bigfoot erotica."

At least that's what she said in a Tweet on Sunday, and she included pictures from Riggleman's own Instagram account to prove it. 

The accusation sent Twitter into a tizzy and had people everywhere googling 'Bigfoot erotica'.

And yes, it's a thing.

In an interview, Cockburn said voters should be VERY concerned if they are considering voting for Riggleman.

"These images are very disturbing, I think everyone should just look at them to see who this candidate is.".

Riggleman says it's all a JOKE and Cockburn is simply desperate because she's losing, and she's likely attacking him because Republicans have been calling her anti-Semitic because of a book she wrote in 1991 that criticized the U.S. - Israel relationship. 

Now, he does admit he and his friends have been interested in whether or not Bigfoot actually exists. In fact, in 2006 he and his fellow interested buddies actually went on a 'Bigfoot hunt,' and he wrote an online piece about it. 

I'm going to ruin it for you now, Riggleman and his friends DID NOT FIND OR HAVE SEX WITH BIGFOOT. 

He says the images are just some good clean fun between friends, and one of them is a mock cover for satirical book he's writing called "The Mating Habits of Bigfoot and Why Women Want Him."

Ooooo, I can't wait for that to be released!

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